Elif Poster


The designs are printed on premium paper from sustainable sources with an optimal weight of 200g/m², packaged in a refined way and delivered directly to you. The matt, glare-free surface ensures optimal color and image rendition.

📦 Order and be delivered in the 2 à 5 working days

📦 Delivery time - 2 to 5 business days

⚠️ 10% of the order amount is donated to a project


By ordering from us, you help us to realize many social projects to help a maximum of people


We strive to use our profits to do good by participating in humanitarian projects.
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Humanitarian support

Thousands of people are in need of humanitarian aid to meet their basic needs (eating, drinking, sleeping)

Maintenance of mosques

Some places of worship unfortunately have more and more difficulty in meeting their various expenses (maintenance of buildings, purchase of equipment...)

Realization of projects

Carrying out social and entrepreneurial projects is very important in order to strengthen our community and to have more impact.

Let's unite,
let's work for the good


Humanitarian support


Maintenance of mosques


Realization of projects

When you make a donation or a purchase on our platform, we redistribute these amounts in order to achieve our goals 

We invite you to make an impact by supporting us ❤️ 

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Completed projects

For the moment we have already had the chance to realize 3 projects


More than 1000 men and women have already joined our adventure by sharing or supporting us

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60 % in our community are under the age of 34.